Master Guided Implant Placement & Restoration Digital Workflow in a 2-Day Hands-On Course

Elevate your expertise in dental implantology with our comprehensive 2-day Guided Implant Placement and Implant Restoration Digital Workflow course. This immersive program delves into the dynamic realm of static guides, empowering you to achieve precise implant placements while seamlessly integrating cutting-edge digital tools.

Course Highlights:


Day 1: Guided Dental Implant Placement

  • Patient Assessment: Explore the significance of comprehensive patient evaluation, including dental and medical history analysis, and diagnostic imaging interpretation.
  • Static Guide Utilization: Learn to harness the power of static guides, meticulously placing implants for optimal positioning and orientation, considering bone density and neighboring teeth.
  • Prosthesis Alignment: Understand how implant placement affects the final prosthesis, enabling you to strategize placement in harmony with the desired restoration outcome.
  • Inlab Software: Dive into Inlab software, unraveling its potential for streamlined implant planning and precision.
  • Live Software Demo: Witness live demonstrations of Inlab, Sicat, and Exocad software, unveiling their practical applications in guided implantology.

Day 2: Practical Implementation & Troubleshooting

  • Hands-On Training: Gain practical proficiency through hands-on guided implant placement exercises, utilizing surgical drills and placement instruments.
  • Complications Management: Equip yourself to tackle challenges that may arise during guided implant placement, ensuring successful outcomes.
  • Sicat Software Exploration: Immerse yourself in Sicat software, unlocking advanced techniques to refine your implant planning and execution.
  • Exocad for Restoration Design: Discover Exocad's potential in designing optimal restorations that harmonize with guided implant placements.
  • Comprehensive Approach: Develop a holistic understanding of post-operative care and maintenance for enduring implant success.

Who Should Attend:

Dentists, oral surgeons, and dental professionals seeking to expand their implant placement skill set are ideal candidates for this course. Embrace the opportunity to enhance your expertise and proficiency in guided implant placement using static guides. It's important to note that while guided implant placement is a valuable technique, a comprehensive education in dental implantology is vital for a well-rounded practice.

Unlock the Future of Implantology

Empower yourself with the art of guided implant placement and restoration digital workflow. Join us to revolutionize your approach to dental implants and lead the way in precision and innovation. Seize this opportunity now!

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